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This is StockX. A true exchange for fair value.

StockX - New Zealand's independent digital livestock Marketplace

New features to make trading easy

StockX works for all

Designed to suit everyone no matter who you are, what you do or how you work.

StockX is an independent livestock Marketplace full of new opportunities, connecting and creating value that benefits all - from farm to market.

For farmers

Giving flexibility and choice in how you trade, take advantage of an existing agency relationship or trade direct. Through the openness of opportunity, fairness and excitement of the exchange, we're leading change and driving new potential.

Connect, explore, advance. Let's move the industry forward together.

A smarter way. A lighter touch, transparent traceability.

For agents

A platform for growth, unrestricted by geography and time, manage your business online. A new and thriving Marketplace bringing people and opportunity together.

Adding a vital new tool to your business, enabling change and adding value in a dynamic world.

See fair value, see new futures. Be here with us.

For processors

Giving you access to a new channel for procurement. See the market, access new areas, extend your reach. See and act on a new world of opportunity. At your fingertips, right here, right now.

Transparent. Open. The market ready to go.

Find more of what you need. 24/7/365.

For New Zealand

An independent Marketplace full of new opportunities for you to discover, and make happen. Do it yourself or use your existing agency relationships to maximise advantage.

Whatever works for you works for us.

Find more here. A fairer, smarter exchange.

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