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Creating a listing and managing your auction

Creating a listing

The system guides you through this easy process, step by step.
There are two different ways to create a listing:
  • Click the green + circle (Create listing) at the bottom right hand corner of every screen.
  • Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner of the page and click on Selling in the drop down menu. On your selling page click on the green + circle button.
Some of the information that you’ll need to provide is:
  • Livestock details – class, breed, etc.
  • Tally, weight and age
  • Animal condition and welfare
  • Supporting documents – livestock photos, video and other relevant information (e.g. genetics, EBVs, EID weight files, ASDs, FAP’s etc)
It is important that the information you provide is accurate and not misleading to a potential buyer. The more detail you can provide, the better!

Choosing between selling per head or per kg

You can sell your livestock on a per head or per kg basis. Once you choose one or the other, you cannot change it during the auction, as bidding will also be on the same basis. If you sell per kg, the final sale weight needs to be confirmed by a truck weigh.

Buy now and reserve price

You can add a buy now price to your listing. This allows a buyer to purchase your livestock immediately at the price you set.
You can also choose to set a reserve price, which is the lowest offer that you would accept for your livestock. If your auction ends and the reserve price is not met, then your auction is turned in. It will now sit on the unsold tab within your Selling page.
You can also set a starting price, which is exactly what it sounds like – the minimum first bid to get your auction underway.

Q&A on your auction

Every auction has a Q&A section, which allows a potential buyer to ask you questions about your auction. Your answers in this section are public – other traders can see what’s been asked/discussed.
You’ll get an email every time someone asks a question, so you can answer it promptly.

Sharing your auction

You can share any auction to Facebook, Twitter, Text or email. All you need to do is click on the share button on your auction . Otherwise you can just copy and paste the URL.


You’ll get a notification (email and/or text) to you if:
  • You have been outbid
  • An auction you have bid on or watch listed is closing within 1 hour.
  • New auctions that match your saved searches
You can control your notifications through your personal settings

NAIT integration

StockX does not directly link to NAIT, but the NAIT number, if entered, will display to the buyer and seller on the transaction tab of a successful trade.
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