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Bidding and buying


StockX follows the usual auction processes – auction starts, bids start coming in, the highest bidder or the person who buys now can win the auction.
Auctions can have a set reserve price and/or a buy now price. Auctions can be live from 3-5 days depending on what the seller chooses. Once the reserve price is met buy now is no longer available.

Authenticity of auction listing detail

StockX listings follow a set format and provide all the relevant information for each type and class of stock so you have a consistent listing experience. We have worked closely with industry to make sure this is comprehensive and intuitive.
Sellers are required to describe their livestock as true to character at the time the auction starts and are required to deliver to the Buyer livestock as described in the listing – that’s the contract, that’s the deal.

Buy Now

You can buy now on any auction where the seller has set up the buy now option. Simply click ‘buy now’ and then ‘confirm’ – you’ve won the auction and the stock is yours. Simple.

Add Bid

You can set a Bid when buying. This allows you to set a price you are willing to pay for an auction. Type the value of the bid you want to place in the Bid box or simply click the Up my Bid button as many times as you like until you reach a number you’re happy with.


You can set an Auto-bid when buying. This allows you to set a maximum price you are willing to pay for an auction. The system takes care of the rest.
If your Auto-bid exceeds the Reserve price, the system will place your first Auto-bid at the Reserve price, then automatically outbid any other bid placed, by the lowest Bid button amount. This continues until you reach your auto-bid maximum, or win the auction.


The system automatically extends an auction when Bids are placed within the last 2 minutes of the auction. These auto-extend periods are: 20 seconds until no more bids are received then the auction will close.


You’ll get a notification (email and/or text) to you if:
  • You have been outbid
  • An auction you have bid on or watch listed is closing within 1 hour.
  • New auctions that match your saved searches
  • You can control your notifications through your personal settings

NAIT integration

StockX does not directly link to NAIT, but the NAIT number, if entered, will display to the buyer and seller on the transaction tab of a successful trade.


To ask questions in the Q&A tab on the auction, just click on ask another question. Answers will be made public when the seller responds with their answers. Otherwise, you can contact the seller directly. You’ll find the sellers contact information within the auction in the Contact tab.
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