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After the auction closes

When an auction comes to an end there are two outcomes:
  1. Your auction is successful and your stock are sold.
  2. Your auction was turned in.
Find out more about those outcomes in this section.

Stock sold

Here’s what happens when you sell stock:
  1. You receive a Sale and Purchase Confirmation email from us. This outlines the sale details and sale price. At the same time, the buyer receives a Purchase Confirmation and Payment Request email, which tells the buyer how to deposit the money into our Nominee account. They need to do this on the same day as the auction closes.
  2. Once we see the money in the account, we send an email to you and the buyer, letting you both know that the funds have been received. This allows you to release the stock as the money is safely and securely held in the nominee account.
  3. The buyer arranges transport of the livestock with their carrier.
  4. If the stock were sold on a per/kg basis, you will need to coordinate with the buyer to ensure the carrier weighs the stock at the closest weigh station to your the pick-up point. This weight will determine the final price.
  5. The buyer receives the livestock and ensures they match the listing details. If the livestock does not match, the buyer needs to notify StockX with the issue/s within 12 hours of delivery.
  6. You and the buyer receive a final trade value calculation which will show any value adjustments for differences in tally and/or weight for the stock delivered. This may result in a top-up required from the buyer or a refund to be paid.
  7. We settle the trade from the nominee account, and you get your money!

StockX Fees

StockX takes 2.5% commission on all successful transactions. This commission is deducted from the sale proceeds during the settlement of the trade.

Transport of livestock

The buyer is responsible for organising and paying for the transportation of the livestock they bought off you. If the trade is sold on a $/kg basis, a truck weigh is required to independently determine the weight.

Livestock Ownership throughout settlement

The seller owns the livestock until they are delivered to the buyer and settlement has occurred.

Auction turned in

If your auction was turned in – no one bid or it did not meet the reserve price you set - you can make a Fixed Price Offer to all traders who bid or watch listed your listing.

Making a Fixed Price Offer

Select Unsold from your selling page, select the listing, then select the Fixed Price Offer button. Set your Fixed Price Offer value and an email will immediately be sent to all traders who bid on or watch listed your listing.

Relisting your Auction

You can re-list your auction if it was turned in. From your Selling page, select Unsold, select the unsold listing, then select the Relist button. You’ll need to update the key listing details, especially tally or weight, photos and video to make sure everything is up-to-date. You can only re-list once.
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