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Animal welfare policy

  1. Outline of this Animal Welfare Policy
    1. This animal welfare policy shall apply to Livestock transacted through the Website.
    2. Terms as defined in our terms shall, unless otherwise stated, have the same meaning in this animal welfare policy.
  2. Animal Welfare Standards
    1. All Users must and must procure that their staff, agents, and contractors, and in the case where a User is an agent, in addition, the agent’s customers and suppliers of the Livestock, at all times comply with the following in respect of the Livestock, as applicable:
      1. the Animal Welfare Act 1999; and
      2. Transport within New Zealand, Code of Welfare; and
      3. Dairy Cattle, Code of Welfare; and
      4. Deer, Code of Welfare; and
      5. Goats, Code of Welfare; and
      6. Pigs, Code of Welfare; and
      7. Sheep and Beef Cattle, Code of Welfare.
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